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Interview Workbook Out Now!
Written by The Team at Medix Academy; with medical students who have sat interviews and received offers all over Australia for Medicine and Dentistry, this INTERACTIVE workbook is filled with nuggets of knowledge to help you get the most out of your opportunity. 
Packed with practice questions, don't miss out on this chance to ace your interviews.

About Medix Academy

"Docendo Discimus" - Through Teaching We Learn

Medix Academy is one of the first Medical Admissions training services solely run by medical students. We have one goal, make medicine achievable. Many high school students aspire to become medical professionals, which is why we have medical students, who have gone through the process to teach and guide our students through their journey.

Our motto is simple "Docendo Discimus" - Through Teaching, We Learn, a central dogma of teaching. One of the key aspects of medicine is teaching others and we strongly believe and to the testament of our students, that teaching and inspiring will build good, strong caring future doctors from the onset of their admissions training.

Our UCAT results speak for themselves. Since 2020 our results were more than amazing. Our top scorers have scored up to 3320!! With 20% of our students scoring in the 99th percentile! Combined with over 40% of students scoring above the 90th percentile.

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Most genuine, kind-hearted, hard-working person. Gives up all his time and dedication to make us do better than we already are!!!

Shevin Fernando


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